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How does the sun affect your skin? The myths and facts!
January Sale 2014

Living in a largely temperate climate, we tend not to worry too much about the effects of the sun on our skin. The only time we notice any problems is when the sun comes out and we all rush to take in the rays! There are a lot of myths surrounding how we should look after our skin and here, we try to separate the fact from the fiction.

1. You only need to worry about sun protection on hot days!
Sunburn isn't caused by heat. It's caused by UV radiation which can penetrate through the clouds. This means that sunburn is possible on windy or slightly cloudy days.

2. A tan gives you all the protection you need against the sun!
On exposure to the sun, skin turns brown to boost your skin's natural defences. However, it is still a sign of sun damage, even if there is no redness or peeling involved. Even if you tan easily, you should still use sun protection.

3. You need to turn red before you can get a tan!
Some people are naturally pale skinned and just can't get a tan. However, any redness on the skin at all indicates burning, not tanning, even if you do normally tan with ease.

4. Everyone knows what sunscreen to buy and how to apply it!
Recent studies have found that most people do not really understand what the term SPF means. The higher the SPF, the longer your skin will be protected but this still varies from person to person. An SPF50 does not give you double the protection of an SPF25!

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