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Possibly the most neglected area of your body, but the most on show in the Summer! Make your feet and toes ready for show with our Nail Treatments.

Non Gel treatments are available Standard Polish or OPI's Infinite Shine Polish. Infinite Shine offers a high gloss, gel like finish but it can be removed using ordinary nail polish remover.

Express Mini Pedicure £20
Nail file, cuticle tidy and paint.

Essential Full Pedicure £40
Includes exfoliation treatment for feet and lower legs, hard skin removal and a moisturising massage as well as nail file, cuticle tidy and paint.

Essential Pedicure with Paraffin Wax £45
Everything included in the Essential Full Pedicure but with the addition of a paraffin wax treatment, fabulous for dry feet!

Gel Soak Off Only £8
Removes old gel colour from nails.

Gel Application Only £30
Nail file, cuticle tidy and application of gel to toe nails.

Gel Soak Off and New Gel Application £35
Soak off of old gels, nail file, cuticle tidy and application of gel colour to toe nails.

Essential Full Gel Pedicure £40
Feet are treated to an exfoliation of the foot and lower leg, hard skin removal, moisturising massage, nail file, cuticle tidy and application of gel colour to toe nails.
(If old gel needs to be removed, add in £4)

For nail art, French or glitter powder finish add £3

Callus Peel Treatment £30
If you suffer with exceptionally dry, hard skin (usually on heels and balls of feet) consider this as a treatment on it's own or adding it to any of the treatments above! Fruit acids are used to gently soften very hard skin making it easy to scrape away, leaving your feet softer and fresher than before!

For more information or to book your treatment call 01234 721187.


If you need gels soaking off before any further treatment, please remember to book this also. We may not have time to soak off and carry out any other treatment if not pre-booked.

Other establishments may use gel products that require different techniques or solutions to remove them so, to protect your nails, we will only remove gels that have been applied at The Retreat.