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Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments

Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments are available at Harrold Only

Can you imagine waking up and looking your best?

Semi-permanent makeup allows you to have that expertly applied look that stays in place all day - no matter how busy your schedule!

Semi-permanent makeup uses hypoallergenic pigments which are deposited under the skin to create the appearance of natural looking makeup. It is often referred to as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing. But unlike conventional tattooing, semi-permanent makeup is applied to the dermal layer of the skin and would be expected to last between two and five years.

It is not unusual for clients to feel they have benefited from a brow lift when they see themselves after their treatment! Wit the ageing process our brow line drops which causes our eyes to appear droopy. With correctly shaped brows framing the face, one can look fresher and more youthful as the whole area appears naturally lifted, without having to go under the knife!

Eyes are the windows to our soul and can come alive with a simple eye enhancement which creates shinier, brighter eyes with definition. For a more "made up" look, clients can opt for an eyeliner treatment which is truly captivating! No more worrying about smudged eyeliner and perfect for allergy sufferers or clients with impaired vision.

Who wouldn't want a sexy pout? Unfortunately, over the years lips can end up depleted of collagen and appear to have lost their plumpness. With the clever use of pigments and shading, lips can be recreated to appear fuller and more defined with a simple lip line or a smouldering lip blush.

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