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Deep Tissue, Sports & Remedial Massage Treatments

Mark Bailey Deep Tissue, Sports & Remedial Massage Treatments are available at the Harrold Practice only

Mark Bailey has been practising Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage since 2011. Mark qualified with a Level 5 Diploma from the Oxford School of Sports Massage - this is the highest standard you can currently achieve. This enables Mark to treat with a variety of advanced techniques to remedy dysfunction and encourage full recovery.

Mark offers a friendly and professional service, providing the highest level of massage built around our individual needs. He is an affiliated member of the Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage
Using traditional techniques, Mark offers a deep tissue massage to work a little deeper than the traditional massage. If you prefer a firm massage, then book a Deep Tissue with Mark online or by calling us on 01234 721187.

Swedish Deep Tissue
* 30mins (back, neck & shoulders) 27.00
* 45mins (back extended) 37.00
* 60mins (full body) 47.00

Aromatic Deep Tissue
* 30mins (back, neck and shoulders) 34.00
* 45mins (back extended) 44.00
* 60mins (full body) 54.00

Massage for Sports
Through repetitive movement patterns common in sports or through direct trauma, scar tissue develops within the muscles. Sports massage and other soft tissue mobilisation techniques can help realign any scar tissue or fibrous adhesions present within the muscles and encourage nutrition to the surrounding tissues. This not only aids recovery but also acts as a preventative measure in reducing the risk of further injury to the area.

After exercise soreness or fatigue can set in caused by micro trauma to the muscle fibres along with the accumulation of chemicals such as lactic acid. Massage aids with lymphatic drainage which helps flush out toxins and aids recovery. With the use of certain Muscle Energy Techniques increased strength and flexibility can also be achieved.

Non sports-related benefits
Sports and remedial massage is not only for athletes. Anyone can benefit from a treatment. For example, it can be very effective for those who have been sitting with poor posture behind a desk all day or for those that get frequent headaches.

Everyday our working lives can have a negative impact on our bodies. We are meant to be active, not sitting or standing in the same position for a number of hours at a time. These long periods of time can cause postural imbalances and weakening of muscles.
So many people put their ailments down to the other factors such as their age. However, small changes in our posture can happen over a long period of time. You would not have been aware of the changes taking place, through your everyday activities, causing pain and discomfort.

Initial Consultation and First Treatment 1hr 47.00

Follow Up Treatment 30mins 27.00

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