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When you first start out, it's very easy to say "yes" to everything.

You worry that if you don't, clients won't want to know you, your reputation will be in tatters and you'll never be able to grow your business. So, you end up buying that extra nail polish which only one client wants, or you start adding in an extra part of a treatment for one client for free...who tells friend...who then expects the same, or you say yes to an appointment which should have started at 7.30pm and it's gone 8.30pm when the client finally arrives.

Whilst it is true that, when you first start out, you need a degree of flexibility, for example, to find out what times clients need treatments and what services are going to be the best to offer, you also need to understand your own ground rules.

These could be simple things such as not taking work calls and appointments when you are really not available, setting fair and reasonable prices and sticking to them rather than discounting all the time and having a cancellation policy in place to protect you from no-shows and last minute changes.

Learning to say "no", provided you do it in a consistent and professional way, will make your business less stressful and will allow clients to understand exactly what your policies are. I promise, clients do understand and respect reasonable, common sense policies. But if you keep changing the goal posts, how can a client possibly know what to expect?

If you are struggling with any part of your therapy business, and would like a chat, call me directly on 07948 354 082 or email me directly at

My story:

I remember what it was like, starting out on my own. What I lacked in experience at being self employed, I made up for in business smarts ... and a sort of odd naivety coupled with eternal optimism. I'd worked for big corporate companies in the past and for different styles of management. I also got lucky enough to work for one company with a big name but almost a start up in the UK. I suppose I knew early on that I wanted my own company.

I've had other businesses and even had a company based overseas but I wanted something that was fulfilling for my soul... something that I enjoyed and would be happy to do every day... and I found it, in beauty and wellbeing therapy.

I think most of us start out in this line of work because we know the difference a great facial or a fantastic massage can make to another person. We see... no... we FEEL the difference it can make and that's infectious. Those who don't get this, rarely stay in this industry for long.

But I see so many really fantastic therapists whose enthusiasm for the job isn't quite matched with their business skills. This holds them back or hinders them from progressing their therapy career into something that they still really enjoy AND something that earns them an income.

When you become your own boss, suddenly you're responsible for EVERYTHING! Buying products, working out the costs, prices, finding clients, keeping clients, dealing with complaints, dealing with competition... and it's all down to YOU!

Going self employed. It's that line that you cross, to becoming your own boss, that can make or break you.

I'm not a 'teacher' or a business guru. I'm just someone who has been there, bought the t-shirt, made mistakes, had successes and am in a position to help you either make a decision or help you to make being your own boss a lot less difficult than it needs to be!

The Retreat Therapist Workshops

The Retreat Therapist Workshops are designed to help you understand, in plain terms, how to "run your business" rather than have your business run you!

They cover areas such as:

Making the Decision: Employed or Self Employed?: Pros, Cons and Safety Nets.

Protecting Yourself: Insurance, Qualifications and Training (accredited), contracts, client paperwork - consultation forms, keeping records, who's clients are they?

Watching the Costs: Money in till does not equal profit!

Respect Yourself and Your Profession: Care of your clients and dealing with no-shows, cancellations, late payments, the competition.

Systems: Getting the basics in place to make life easy. Payments, Diary, Inventory, Client Records.

Where to Work: Renting rooms and 'chair' agreements. Your rights, best practices and what to expect.

Treatments: What treatments to offer, working out the true cost of treatments. Keeping up with trends? Product choices.

The Customer Service Experience: Making sure your clients are happy and keep coming back. Who are your clients and where to find them.

Planning & Marketing: A huge topic and one which is essential for any business, whether you are on your own or have staff. Do you think big supermarket chains continue to advertise because no-one knows who they are?

If you are interested in a one to one workshop or want to know more information, contact me directly: or call/text 07948 354082.